Kevin Soltani
CEO of GIMA Group, Inc

Kevin R. Soltani is a Blockchain Strategist, technology entrepreneur and
motivational growth coach who works with corporations and business advisors to
grow their businesses, diversify into alternative investments and presence within
the industry of blockchain. After his first startup in radio broadcasting was acquired,
he pivoted and spent some time in the private financial sector; advising and working
directly with high net worth investors and technology companies.
His crypto/blockchain endeavors began in 2011 as an early crypto miner/investor.
Bit Rig Builders was started in 2013 and became the first company in Southern
California to produce and ship customized crypto mining machines to customers.
More recently, GIMA Group, Inc. was founded in 2014 in Newport Beach, CA, to
provide service in advisory and growth strategy in alternative investment
management and implementation of blockchain solutions.
Most recently, Kevin has founded the nonprofit organization, California Blockchain
Alliance, to educate, train and host events for the blockchain community to join and
Kevin has landed extensive global speaking tours for blockchain, growth leadership
and motivational coaching/training. He has given keynote speeches for TEDx,
economic advisory boards and in 22 different countries. On his free he works with
the Tony Robbins Foundation to do Life & Wealth Mastery Training.
He holds a BS in Finance from the University of San Francisco and currently working
on a MA in Management at Harvard University.


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