summit silkroad
summit silkroad
summit silkroad
summit silkroad


During the two-day event in Kish Island, various panels were held in which the Iranian and international tech experts talked about topics such as “the surprising advantages of the US sanctions”, “Iranian Women founders”, “Europe’s current state of startups”, “Governments boosting the innovation economy”, “The future of Artificial Intelligence” and “Smart cities”.


Aside from the startup pitches, 14 keynote speeches by some of the most well-known Iranian and international entrepreneurs, investors and decision makers were held at the final event. Some of the speakers at the 2018 event included Marvin Liao, Partner at 500 Startups, Maral Kalajian, a leading entrepreneur in Stockholm ...


After a fierce competition among the 16 finalists which pitched at the final event in Kish Island, the seven members of the jury team announced Ecobaar, Keshmoon and Doctoreto as 2018’s top 3 most promising startups.


Silk Road Startup Summit’s 2018 event was held with the presence of +250 people, among which 30% were female. One of the main purposes of Silk Road Startup is to connect a bridge between the Iranian and international entrepreneurs in order to share their latest insights and develop cutting-edge technologies.

summit We ran a call for entry for startups from all over the country and 400 startup applied to our challenge. We then shortlisted the top 84 startups who pitched during our road trip in 7 cities of the country. After these series of pitch
competitions, 16 finalists were accepted to participate at the finals in Kish.We are going to handpick a curated group of bright speakers, entrepreneurs, investors and executives together for a two-day conference. The program will be a mix of keynotes and panels, as well as the pitch competition of the road trip finalists.
silkroad in kish

kish island

The Summit happened on April 18 & 19 in Kish Island in the South of Iran, is a 2 day event, Kish island, better known as the “Pearl Of The Persian Gulf” is a resort island located 18 kilometers from mainland Iran. It was ranked among the world’s 10 most beautiful islands by The New York Times in 2010, and is one of the most visited vacation destinations in the Middle East.


  • Iranian Women founders

    Nazanin Daneshvar / Lemna Parvini
    Zeynab Hamidzadeh / Nikoo Niknam

  • How IoT is changing our lives

    Nicolas Andrieu / Venessa Humphrey
    Mia Jafari

  • The surprising advantages of
    the US sanctions

    Farhad Hedayati / Alireza Aghasi
    Jhubin Alaghemand

  • Deep-dive into the
    Iran startup scene

    Reza Kalantarinejad / Shahram Shahkar
    Nazanin Daneshvar / Hamidreza Ahmadi

  • State of Crypto, token and Blockchain

    Alejandro Barrera / Stefan Klestil

  • The future of Artificial Intelligence

    Anabelle Kwok / Kei Shimada / Hanan Salam

  • Investors panel

    Numan Numan / Jacky Chen
    Reza Malekzadeh

  • What Fintech is doing
    today and tomorrow

    Mostafa Amiri / Stefan Klestil
    Farshad Nowshadi

  • Smart cities

    Mia Jafari / Reyhaneh Vahidian

  • How goverments can boost
    the innovation economy

    Ata Khalighi / Sima Taherzadeh
    Mohammad Reza Saeedi


  • Kish
    an ocean of opportunities

    Mohammad Reza Saeedi

  • Iran Startup Ecosystem at
    a glance

    Hamed Jafari

  • How to make influence
    with Social Media

    Maral Kalajian

  • Founders story:
    When dreams come true

    Hamid Asadi

  • Founders story:
    When dreams come true

    Hamid Asadi

  • Moving over the dark side

    Reza Malekzadeh

  • Being yourself

    Moin Shirazi

  • The A to Z of
    investment in Iran

    Kiyan Zandiyeh

  • Future of
    global ePayments

    Farshad Nowshadi

  • The world in 2030

    Kei Shimada

  • Women in
    Artificial Intelligence

    Hanan Salam



    from Tabriz

  • AKO

    from Rasht

  • Faranesh

    from Tehran

  • Peeyade

    from Tehran

  • Tapsell

    from Tehran

  • Mobilekomak

    from Tehran

  • BarOn Co

    from Isfahan

  • Echobaar

    from Yazd

  • Komodaa

    from Shiraz

  • Keshmoon

    from Mashhad

  • Hamyab24

    from Mashhad

  • Raychatio

    from Tabriz

  • Drupz

    from Tehran

  • Cafekado

    from Rasht

  • Pinjob

    from Yazd

  • Doctoreto

    from Shiraz


hamed jafari“: Even from the time we were at war with Iraq, we were alone and no one stood by our side, but that didn’t stop Iranians and even motivated them to build what they needed themselves.”


Hemd jafari : With all of this hype going on around the topic of Blockchain and so many young people getting involved with ICOs and losing money, how should one educate himself about this environment?.


Annabelle : in some senses, seeing the bias come out in AI development is good because you can actually see a pattern forming, but in the dark side of things, it may be patterns that you wish didn’t exist


What Kiyan hopes to do is close that gap between perception and reality and make everyone realize the opportunities that are available in Iran.


Farshad’s bold statements in this talk is that by the year 2025, cash will be dead. He believes we should all face this reality sooner than later.


Reza Malekzadeh “I just saw this entire thing crumble in front of me and thought my life was over!” He had thought to himself, “My first job was a failure.”But then i started to realize that it was actually good to experience the good and the bad for my long-term career.

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